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Jones Family Tree - CHARLES JONES

Charles Jones (Abt 1720-)

Charles Jones was born about 1720 and died in Maryland sometime after 1790.  Charles is believed to be the cousin of Martha Dandridge Washington (the connection is still in the working phase).  He received a land grant of 1,280 acres and in 1750 had a house built by Lawrence Washington, the half brother of the first president and who built Mount Vernon.  The homestead was known as "Clean Drinking Manor," from a spring of excellent water on the land.  The home and outhouses are framed with chimney brick brought over from England, and they are surrounded by a boxwood hedge and forest trees.*(note from Nancy Eurich). It is unknown at this time who Charles' wife was or how many children they have, besides Philip Jones, my 5th great grandfather.


Philip Jones  1752-1831                                                                                    Mount Lookout, Ohio
Married Elizabeth Dowdon  1752-1828                                                          Mount Lookout, Ohio

Children:  Susanna, Sarah, Martha, Nancy, Abraham, Mary, Benjamin, Philip II, Elizabeth, John

Philip Jones was born on July 12, 1752 in Maryland and died on October 1, 1831 at Mount Lookout in Ohio.  Elizabeth Dowden, the daughter of Thomas Dowden and Mary Davis, was born on August 16, 1752 in Prince Georges County in Maryland and died on August 20, 1828 in at Mount Lookout in Ohio.  Philip and Elizabeth were married in 1773 in Washington County, Maryland.  In May 1796, Philip and the family packed up and left their home in Maryland for Ohio.  They made a temporary home in Connellsville, Pennsylvania and stayed until the Spring of 1801.  They then traveled down the Ohio and arrived in Columbus, Ohio on May 2, 1801.  There they established their family residence called Mount Lookout.  Philip was a veteran of the Revolutionary War and in 1804, collected a land bounty from the United States.  He was a member of the 3rd Regt. Continental Line in 1777.  Philip and Elizabeth had ten children together (each child will have their own heading...).

Susanna Jones

I.  Susanna Jones  1774-1858                                                                                  Sparta, Indiana
Married William Columbia, II  1770-1834                                                        Cleves, Ohio

Children:  John, Elizabeth, Rebecca, William III, Mary, Jonathan

Susanna Jones was born on December 11, 1774 in Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland and died in 1858 in Sparta, Dearborn County, Indiana.  William Columbia, II, was born in 1770 in Washington County, Maryland and died in 1834 in Cleves, Ohio.  They were married in 1797 in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.  They had six children together.

A.  John C. Columbia  1799-1890                                                         Dearborn County, Indiana
Married (1) Sarah Chambers  ?-1824

1.  Lydia Columbia

2.  Julia Columbia  1821-1900
Married Jacob Miller  ?-1906

a.  John William Miller  1842-1876
Married Martha Ketcham

b.  Mary A. E. Miller  1843-1908
Married John Jones

c.  Andrew J. Miller  1844-1867

d.  Susanna R. Miller  1845-1869

e.  George L. Miller  1846-1850

f.  Sarah L. Miller  1847-1866

g.  Hannah A. Miller  1848-1858

h.  Matilda C. Miller  1849-
Married Joseph M. Stoops

i.  Amelia C. Miller  1850-
Married Henry M. Livingston

j.  George C. Miller  1851-
Married Flora Tufts

k.  Charles M. Miller  1852-
Married Alice Huffman

l.  Flora J. Miller  1854-
Married John D. Farmer

Married (2) Sarah Shead Wright  1792 or 1802- 1873                                Dearborn, Indiana

1.  William Columbia

2.  Susanna Columbia  1826-1878                                                          Dearborn, Indiana
Married Abraham Gullett  1819-1890

a.  George Robert Gullett  ?-1866

b.  John Columbia Gullett  ? - 1906                                          Denver, Colorado
Married Harriet K. Sawden

c.  William Lorenzo Gullett
Married Cynthia Alice Tarlox

d.  Charles Wesley Gullett  ?-1902                                               Hamilton, Ohio
Married (1) Minnie Cameron
Married (2) Katherine S. Mapes  ?-1894

e.  Thomas Perry Gullett  ?-1877

f.  Anna Eliza Gullett
Married Thomas Davidson

g.  Sarah Rebecca Gullett
Married John F. Sponder

3.  Phoebe Columbia

4.  John Tarbell Columbia

5.  George Christopher Columbia  1834-1910                           Laurenceburg, Indiana
Married (1) Janet Churchill  ?-1881

a.  Emma Columbia  1879-
Married Ralph Hill Albright

Married (2) Margaret Fitch

6.  Rebecca Columbia  1832-1896                                                          Cochran, Indiana
Married Jacob Frederick Radspinner  1825-1900                      Olive Hill, Kentucky

a.  Sarah A. Radspinner  1849-
Married Henry J. Orchard  1838-1869 or 1872                       Cochran, Indiana

b.  William Franklin Radspinner  1851-
Married Luella "Lula" Stark  1864-

c.  John Columbia Radspinner  1855-
Married Hattie Shattuck

d.  Agnes Leona Radspinner  1861-
Married Joseph Butler Eifort  1854-

e.  Lillie Maud Radspinner  1871-
Married Henry E. Neneke

B.  Elizabeth Columbia  1801-1880
Married Christopher Flinchpaugh  1799-1888                                                     Cleves, Ohio

1.  Jacob Flinchpaugh  1822-

2.  Susanna Flinchpaugh  1823-

3.  Mary Flinchpaugh  1824-1847
Married Caleb Rininger

4.  William Flinchpaugh  1826-

5.  Caleb Flinchpaugh  1828-1897                                                   Miami Heights, Ohio
Married Rachel Unknown  1825-1879

6.  Christopher Flinchpaugh  1828-

7.  Christina Flinchpaugh  1829-1886
Married Adam Schwartz

8.  Henrietta Flinchpaugh  1831-1918                                           Miami Heights, Ohio
Married Jessie Hearn  1833-1909

a.  Betty Nancy Elizabeth Hearn  1855-1932                                     Cleves, Ohio
Married James H. Chidlaw  1850-1929

b.  Simon Hearn  1857-1915                                                                  Cleves, Ohio

c.  Lucy Hearn  1869-

9.  Simon Flinchpaugh  1833-1910                                                                 Cleves, Ohio
Married Mary Jane Swain  1839-

a.  Minnie Flinchpaugh  1864-
Married Anderson E. Varley 

b.  Bertha Flinchpaugh  1867-1870

c.  Carrie Flinchpaugh  1868-

d.  Charles Flinchpaugh  1871-1961                                         Miamitown, Ohio
Married Julia Gioringer  1874-1973

e.  Christopher Flinchpaugh  1874-1957                                 Miamitown, Ohio
Married Helen Unknown  1877-1965

10.  Charlotta Flinchpaugh  1838-
Married Charles Becker

a.  Mary Becker

b.  William Becker

c.  Charles Becker

d.  Eliza Becker

e.  Frank Becker

f.  Jesse Becker

g.  Edward Becker

h.  Robert Becker

i.  Bonnie Becker

j.  John Becker

11.  Hannah Flinchpaugh  1840-
Married John Swain

a.  Ida Swain

b.  Mary Swain

c.  Ettie Swain

d.  Cora Swain

12.  Elizabeth Flinchpaugh  1843-1928                                                        Cleves, Ohio
Married Francis Markland  1838-1912

a.  Alice Markland

b.  Mattie Markland

c.  William Markland  1873-1929

d.  Carrie Markland

D.  Rebecca Columbia  1803-1848                                                             Logansport, Indiana
Married George William Scantling, Jr.  1800-1864

1.  Rubina Scantling 

2.  Susan Elizabeth Scantling
Married Charles Yourt

a.  George William Yourt

b.  Robert Columbia Yourt

c.  John William Yourt

d.  Mamie Yourt

e.  Blanch Yourt

3.  William Columbia Scantling  1833-1881
Married Catherine Swihart  1833-1899

a.  William Henry Scantling  1855-1908
Married (1) Henrietta Graves  ?-1888
Married (2) Malburge Haverly

b.  Mary Luella Scantling

c.  Kate McClellan Scantling

d.  Charles Warren Scantling

4.  Christopher Columbia Scantling

5.  George William Scantling  ?-1847

6.  Alexander Solkirk Scantling  ?-1847

7.  John Columbia Scantling  1836-1912                                         Washington, D.C.
Married (1) Mary T. Thompson  1845-1881

a.  Philip Barry Scantling  1880-

Married (2) Ellen Lee  1843-1920                                             Baltimore, Maryland

E.  William Columbia, III  1804-1898                                                                 Miami, Ohio
Married Sarah Collins

1.  Ann Eliza Columbia  ?-1865
Married John Gaines

a.  Harry Gaines

b.  Lizzie Gaines

c.  William Gaines

2.  Ephrim Columbia
Married Sarah Hopping

3.  Elizabeth Columbia
Married William Hill  ?-1891

a.  William Hill  ?-1904

4.  Charles Columbia
Married Unknown

a.  Laura Columbia

b.  Charles Columbia

c.  Flora Columbia

5.  Phoebe Columbia
Married Dan Runnell

6.  William Columbia, Jr.

7.  John Columbia

8.  Susan Columbia
Married John Gains

a.  Sasan Gains

E.  Mary Columbia  1808-
Married Emanuel Kiger

1.  Hiram Kiger

F.  Jonathan Columbia  1810-

Sarah Jones

II.  Sarah Jones  1776-                                                                                                     Sparta, Indiana
Married Zacharia Williams                                                                                              Cleves, Ohio

Children:  Zadock, Zacharia, Mary

Sarah Jones was born on October 27, 1776 in Washington County, Maryland.  She married Zacharia Williams in 1797 in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.  They had three children together.

A.  Zadock Williams  ?-1881
Married Ann Griffin  ?-1892

1.  Sarah Williams

2.  Martha Williams

3.  John J. Williams
Married Carrie Debolt  ?-1903

a.  Unknown Williams

b.  Julie Eliza Williams
Married Walter B. Richards

4.  Jacob Williams

5.  Catherine Williams  ?-1910
Married J. J. Martin

6.  Mary Williams

7.  Frank Williams

8.  Philip Williams

9.  Thomas Williams

B.  Zacharia Williams

C.  Mary Williams

Martha Jones

III.  Martha Jones  1778-                                                                                 
Married Samuel John Nash

Children:  John, David, Keturah, Philip, Mary, Samuel

Martha Jones was born on October 7, 1778 in Washington County, Maryland and died on April 20, 1856 in Columbia, Ohio.  She married Samuel John Nash in 1803 in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.  Samuel John Nash was born in 1776.  They had six children together.

A.  John Nash  1804-1880                                                                     Hamilton County, Ohio
Married Elizabeth Unknown  1809-1855

B.  Samuel Nash  1806-1885                                                                            Cincinnati, Ohio
Married Mary Moorehead  1808-1886

C.  David Nash  1810-1875                                                                               Cincinnati, Ohio
Married (1) Charity Unknown  1812-1845
Married (2) Dorcas Sweney  1820-1890

D.  Philip Nash  1813-1870                                                                                                    Ohio
Married Margaret Pricket  1815-1897

E.  Kitturah Nash  1820-1897                                                                          Cincinnati, Ohio
Married Nathan Grant  1814-1900

1.  John Washington Grant  1836-1922                                             Cincinnati, Ohio
Married Rebecca Cooke  1839-

a.  Nellie Adelia Grant  1860-
Married Corbett Unknown  1859-

b.  William Henry Grant  1864-1934                                      Cincinnati, Ohio
Married Carolyn Bell Taggart  1869-1929

i.  William Henry Clay Grant  1890-1944
Married Eveline Ellis  1895-

aa.  Jack Ellis Grant  1915-1989
Married Jane Elliot Davis  1914-

ii.  Blance Mae Grant  1891-1951
Married Charles Bolte Shea  1886-1924                 Youngstown, Ohio

aa.  Charles Bolte Shea, II  1922-
Married Living Seip

bb.  Living Shea
Married Living McCammon

iii.  Mabel Elizabeth Grant  1895-
Married Irvine Matz  1893-

aa.  Living Matz

c.  Charles Grant  1870-
Married Ella Unknown  1872-

i.  Jesse Grant  1894-

ii.  John Grant  1896-

iii.  Gertrude Grant  1898-

2.  Caroline Grant  1837-

3.  Martha A. Grant  1839-
Married James R. Myers  1836-1880

a.  Ketorah Anna Myers  1856-

b.  Nathan Myers  1859-

c.  Ada M. Myers  1865-

4.  Mary B. Grant  1841-

5.  Hiram Benjamin Grant  1841-1915                                              Cincinnati, Ohio
Married Margaret Scott  1844-1918

6.  Keturah Huldah Grant  1843-
Married Samuel B. Thompson  1841-1900

a.  Fredrick Thompson  1868-

b.  Cora G. Thompson  1872-

7.  Thomas N. Grant  1843-

8.  Nathan W. Grant  1844-

9.  David Samuel Grant  1849-1922                                                   Cincinnati, Ohio
Married (1) Mary C. Sprague  1846-
Married (2) Sarah Elizabeth Russell  1882-1972

a.  Living Grant

b.  Living Grant

c.  Living Grant
Married John Joseph Cain  1912-1993                                  Cincinnati, Ohio

i.  Living Cain

ii.  Gene Robert Cain  1935-1994                                 Cincinnati, Ohio
Married Living Moermond

aa.  Living Cain

bb.  Living Cain

d.  Living Grant
Married Living Gampfer

e.  Living Grant
Married Living Stephens

f.  Living Grant
Married Living Jackson

10.  Darius W. Grant  1851-

11.  Nellie Jane Grant  1853-1924                                                     Cincinnati, Ohio
Married William Henry Prosser  1845-1934

a.  Walter Darious Prosser  1881-

b.  Jessie May Prosser  1882-

12.  Mahlon E. Grant  1858-1918                                                        Cincinnati, Ohio
Married (1) Philenia Unknown  1865-

a.  Viola M. Grant  1883-

b.  Florence Grant  1885-

c.  Raymond Grant  1886-

d.  Della K. Grant  1891-

e.  Bessie L. Grant  1894-

f.  LeRoy M. Grant  1900-

Married (2) Melvia Unknown  1858-

13.  Hulda Grant  1861-

14.  Nestor E. Grant  1863-1947                                                          Cincinnati, Ohio
Married (1) Lucille H. Botkins  1865-
Married (2) Susan Unknown  1872-

F.  Mary Nash 

Nancy Jones

IV.  Nancy Jones  1781-                                                                            

The information on Nancy Jones is a work in process.  She was born on June 5, 1781 in Washington County, Maryland.

Abraham Jones

V.  Abraham Jones  1783-1863                                                                     Franklin County, Indiana
Married Sarah Flack  1789-1856                                                                Franlin County, Indiana

Children:  Robert Flac, Mary, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Philip Tenley, Nancy, Matilda, Emily, Malinda, Abraham B., Nathaniel Dowdon, Sarah, Phoebe

Abraham Jones was born on May 20, 1783 in Washington County, Marylandand died on July 2, 1863 in Franklin County, Indiana.  Sarah Flack (or Flac) was born on April 4, 1789 in Pennsylvania and died on March 2, 1856 in Franklin County, Indiana.  Abraham and Sarah were married on March 8, 1810 in Hamilton County, Ohio.  Abraham served several times as Justice of the Peace and was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church.  He was considered as "a sincere Christian Gentleman who closely followed the teachings of the Master. He was regarded as the most prominent and influential man of his township in his day."*(note from Nancy Eurich). 

 "...Abraham Jones entered a quarter section of land in Franklin, Co,. Indiana, when the forrest was so dense that it was necessary to look straight up to see the stars.  This was about the year 1803..soon after Philip Jones and his family landed at Columbus, Ohio and settled at what is now known as East Walnut Hill, where he, his son's-in-law built the log house on his land which consequently became know as Mt. Lookout in 1801-1802, when Cincinnati was a village.  Abraham lived on his farm until his death in 1868. His beloved wife Sarah had preceded him to the grave March 2nd 1865.  The Farm is now in the possession of two of Abraham's granddaughters, namely, Dora and Mary Vanauodell Myers. they married brothers..."*(Notes from Sarah Jones Furry).

Biographical History of Fayette, Franklin, Union and Wayne Counties, Indiana
Originally Published in 1899 by Lewis Publishing Co.
County History Preservation Society
County History.com http://www.countyhistory.com/doc.fayet/174.htm
copyright 2000-2005 Ronald Branson

"...Abraham Jones, our subject's father, was born May 20, 1783, and was the fifth I order of birth in his father's family. IN 1800 he removed with his parents to Ohio, and remained with them until twenty-seven years of age. In 1808 he entered land, on credit, in Bath Township, Franklin County, Indiana, and two years later located thereon. He built a cabin in the thick forest, and soon cleared a small tract of land, on which he raised sufficient crops for his own use the first year. The country was but sparsely settled, most of the land was still in its primitive condition, and the pioneers were all on an equality, most of them being in rather limited circumstances. There was all to make and nothing to lose. Mr. Jones was a man of strong physique, was industrious, enterprising and energetic, In order to meet the payments on his land he went to Ohio, where he hired out to clear land. As time advanced he placed acre after acre of his own land under the plow, and from the wild tract developed a god farm, on which he died in 1864. He was a man of rather stern disposition and always stood firmly by what he believed to be right. He was, however, board-minded, intelligent and of strict integrity and honor. In politics he was a Whig, and for a number of years served as Justice of the Peace, besides filling other township offices. He was a leading member and liberal supporter of the Baptist Church, was a delegate to most of its associations in different parts of the state, and when they met at his home church he often entertained over one hundred guests for three days at a time. He was charitable to the worthy poor, and in all the walks of life was found to be a true gentleman and earnest Christian. He was also a good financier, a successful businessman and one of the most prominent citizens of the township. In Cincinnati, Ohio, he was married, in 1810, to Miss Sarah Flack, also a native of Pennsylvania, and a daughter of Robert Flack, who was born in this country, of Irish parents, and was a pioneer of Ohio and an early settler of Union County, Indiana, where he entered land and improved a farm, making it his home until his death. Mrs. Jones was the only child by his first marriage, but by a second union he had five children: David, John Nancy, Elizabeth and William. Mr. and Mrs. Flack were both members of the Baptist Church. The children born to Abraham and Sarah (Flack) Jones were as follows: Mary, who died in 1824; Benjamin, who died in 1822; Elizabeth, who died in 1838; Robert F., who died in Union County, Indiana, in 1886; Nancy, who died in 1850; Philip T., our subject; Matilda, who died in 1857; Malinda, who died in 1889; Nathaniel, who died in infancy; Sarah, who died in 1847; Abram, who lives on the old homestead in Franklin County; Emily, a resident of Hendricks County, Indiana; and Pehbe, who died in October 1835. The father gave to each of his children who reached years of maturity a tract of land..."

Abraham and Sarah had thirteen children together.

A.  Robert Flac Jones  1816-1886                                                             Union County, Indiana
Married Lucretia Davis  1821-1862

1.  Middleton Jones  1842-1911                                                                 Dublin, Indiana
Married Elizabeth Barlow  1839-1911

a.  Nathaniel Guy Jones  1872-
Married Edith Bennett

b.  Burton Jones  1875-

2.  Nathaniel D. Jones  1844-1849

3.  Sarah Elizabeth Jones  1847-

4.  Zachery Taylor Jones  1849-
Married Mary A. Davis  ?-1923

a.  Bertha Lucretia Jones
Married Unknown Johnson

b.  Maud Estella Jones
Married Unknown Pierce

c.  Dwight David Jones

5.  William Henry Jones  1852-1918
Married (1) Jennie Maxwell

a.  Omer Jones  1878-

Married (2) Nancy Sloan

a.  Edna Jones  1885-1909

B.  Mary Jones  1817-1824

C.  Benjamin Jones  1818-1822

D.  Elizabeth Jones  1819-1838

E.  Philip Tenley Jones  1820-1907                                                    Franklin County, Indiana
Married (1) Caroline Girton  1822-1861

1.  Benjamin Jones  1848-1865                                                       Fort Gaines, Alabama
Married Lourinda Sumpter

a.  Nora Jones
Married Unknown Crissie

b.  Girton Jones

2.  Phobe Jones  1851-1851

3.  Emily Jones  1852-1853

Married (2) Sarah Lydia Goff  1825-1899                                        Franklin County, Indiana

1.  Lorinda Bourne  1858-

2.  Lucy Bourne  1860-

3.  Oren H. Jones  1862-1866

4.  Morton P. Jones  1864-1931
Married (1) Martha "Mattie" O. Doty  1865-1904

a.  Inez Jones  1886-

b.  Imo L. Jones  1890-1993

Married (2) Martha Edna Farr  1880-1931

a.  Hubert P. Jones  1906-1982
Married Grace Lee Baker  1907-

5.  Charles T. Jones  1867-

6.  Benton Jones  1869-1869

7.  Aurthur Hamlin Jones  1873-1942                                                  Chicago, Illinois
Married Daisy C. Bake  1871-1908

a.  Harry Leroy Jones  1895-1986                                             Washington, D.C.

b.  Nelle Elizabeth Jones  1898-1931                                  Ridge Farm, Illinois
Married Robert Hobart Canady  1896-1939

i.  Dorothy Elizabeth Canaday
Married Howard Samuels Danner  1915-1994            Atlanta, Georgia

aa.  Suzanne Marguerite Danner  1941-1987          Hingham, MA
Married Living Putman

(1)  Living Putman
Married Living Sullivan

(A)  Living Putman

(B)  Living Putman

bb.  Living Danner

F.  Nancy Jones  1821-1850
Married William Miller

1.  Eliza Miller

2.  Abraham Miller

3.  David Miller

4.  Albert Miller

G.  Matilda Jones  1822-1858                                                             Franklin County, Indiana
Married John Samuels

1.  Gilbert Tenley Samuels  1844-

2.  James H. Samuels  1849-1866

3.  John Samuels  1852-1881

4.  Emily J. Samuels  1858-1858

H.  Emily Jones  1828-
Married Caleb Roark

1.  Albert Fletcher Roark  1860-

2.  Abraham Roark  1862-

3.  Charles Wilber Roark  1868-

4.  Mary Elizabeth Roark  1871-

I.  Malinda Jones  1829-1889
Married Noah Miller

1.  Clarissa Miller  1846-1865

2.  John H. Miller  1847-1868

3.  Henry A. Miller  1849-1850

4.  Alfred Miller  1851-1917

5.  William R. Miller  1853-1855

6.  Sarah E. Miller  1855-

7.  Edwin Miller  1857-1919

8.  Emma Alice Miller  1859-

9.  Ada M. Miller  1860-

10.  Caroline Miller  1862-1869

J.  Abraham B. Jones  1829-1900                                                       Franklin County, Indiana
Married Clarissa Blake  1833-1900

1.  William Blake Jones  1858-1881

2.  Elmer Jones  1862-1863

3.  Laura Estelle Jones  1864-1907
Married Ira Vandausboll  1862-

a.  Dora E. Vandausdoll  1885-

b.  Mary E. Vandausdoll  1887-

K.  Nathaniel Dowdon Jones  1830-

L.  Sarah Jones  1830-1847

M.  Phoebe Jones  1831-1835

Mary Jones

VI.  Mary Jones  1785-

Mary Jones was born on March 25, 1785 in Washington County, Maryland.  There is no more information on her at this time.

Benjamin Jones

VII.  Benjamin Jones  1787-                                                                                     Richmond, Indiana
Married Ruth Thomas

Children:  Mary, Philip, Elizabeth, Ruth, Sarah Jane, Dorcas, William, Amanda, Martha

Benjamin Jones was born on January 17, 1787 in Washington County, Maryland and died at the home of one of his daughters in Richmond, Indiana.  Benjamin married Ruth in 1808 near Cincinnati, Ohio.  They had nine children together.

A.  Mary Jones  1810-
Married (1) Peter Conover
Married (2) John A. Jones  1799-

B.  Philip Jones  1811-

C.  Elizabeth Jones  1812-1891                                                                         Tusculum, Ohio
Married John Griffin, I  ?-1879                                                             Mount Lookout, Ohio

1.  John Griffin, II  1831-1889

2.  William T. Griffin  1833-

3.  Sarah Jane Griffin  1836-

4.  Benjamin J. Griffin  1839-1901

5.  Ruth Griffin  1843-

6.  Albert C. Griffin  1847-1865

7.  Mary A. Griffin  1848-

8.  Unknown Griffin  1849-

D.  Ruth Jones  1814-
Married Jacob Riggles

E.  Sarah Jane Jones  1816-
Married Philo Reed

F.  Dorcas Jones  1819-
Married William Armerman

G.  William Jones  1821-

H.  Amanda Jones  1823-

I.  Martha Jones  1825-
Married Lawrence Updike  1820-

1.  Thomas Updike  1842-

Philip Jones, II

VIII.  Philip Jones, II  1789-1864                                                                        Springfield, Indiana
Married Sarah Crosley  1797-1879

Children:  Eliza, James Dowden, Ross C., William L., Sarah Bradford, Philp Tenley

Philip Jones, II was born on January 18, 1789 in Washington County, Maryland and died on August 27, 1864 in Springfield, Indiana.  Sarah Crosley was born on January 18, 1797 in Pennsylvania and died on July 10, 1879 in Springfield, Indiana.  Philip was a soldier under the command of General Hull in the War of 1812.  Philp married Sarah on May 25, 1816 in Hamilton County, Ohio.  Sarah was a school teacher in Columbia, Ohio until their marriage.  They had six children together.

A.  Eliza Jones  1821-1833

B.  James Dowden Jones  1823-1895                                                        Mount Auburn, Iowa
Married (1) Mary Gibson  1822-1850

1.  Philip Tenley Jones  1845-
Married (1) Jane Elizabeth Drinkwater  1850-1902

a.  James Ezekiel Jones, I
Married Kate Locknor

b.  Edgar Philip Jones

c.  Sarah Elizabeth Jones
Married John Meyer

d.  Ruby Jones
Married C.H. Bullock

e.  Agnes Mary Jones  1868-1905
Married George Slado

Married (2) Mary Goldsmith

2.  Mary S. Jones  1846-

3.  Joseph Ezekiel Jones  1847-1870                                             Bear Creek, Montana
Married Mariah Antant Blakely

a.  James Ezekiel Jones, II

4.  Ross Jones  1849-

Married (2) Hester Ross Jones  1830-1902                                           Mount Auburn, Iowa

1.  Sarah Elizabeth Jones  1857-1943
Married (1) George Yount  1852-1877

a.  Carrie Lorena Yount  1876-
Married Arnie W. Ellsworth  1870-

Married (2) John L. Furry  1856-1921

a.  Cassius Irwin Furry  1880-1965
Married Stella Richmond  1885-

b.  Laura Bell Furry  1883-
Married Everett Chapman Ward  1876-1932

c.  Margaret Letetia Furry  1894-
Married Herman Dexter Floyd  1895-

2.  Jennie Jones  1859-1960

3.  Hugh Bay Jones  1868-1945
Married (1) Cassie A. Enfield  1866-1937
Married (2) Julia Elizabeth Proffit  1878-1956

4.  James E. Jones  1869-

C.  Ross C. Jones  1827-1882
Married Ruth A. Wallace  ?-1897

1.  Aretta Jones  1858-1863

2.  Sarah E. Jones  1860-1863

3.  John Jones  1861-1863

4.  Wilson Jones  1863-
Married Marion Coleman

a.  Dicia Jones

b.  Earl Jones

c.  Eldo Jones

d.  Ottis Jones

e.  Alma Jones

f.  Raymond Jones

g.  Hershel Jones  1889-

h.  Willis Jones  1896-

5.  Mary Jane Jones  1866-1929
Married Alfred Deweese  1856-

a.  Frank Deweese  1884-

b.  Lucy Deweese  1886-

c.  Mary Deweese  1888-

d.  Anna Deweese  1890-

e.  John Deweese  1892-

f.  Stella Deweese  1892-

g.  Clarence Deweese  1897-

h.  Mable Deweese  1899-

i.  Roy Deweese  1900-

6.  Tenley Jones  1869-
Married (1) Lizzie Borden  ?-1897

a.  Iva Jones

b.  Erdo Jones

Married (2) Grace M. Wadkins

a.  Hazel Jones

b.  Thelma Jones

c.  Virgil Jones

7.  Aquilla Jones  1871-
Married Hattie Fisher

a.  Ottis Jones

b.  Marie Jones

c.  Sally Jones

d.  Alfred Jones

e.  Ruth Jones

8.  Harvey Jones  1872-1912
Married Etta West  ?-1899

9.  Sally Jones  1875-1876

10.  Catherine Jones  1877-1888

D.  William L. Jones  1829-1910                                                           Marion County, Indiana
Married Abigal Appleton  1821-1904

1.  John Thomas/Tenley Jones  1848-1932                                              Hillsdale, Iowa
Married Ellen Martha Morrison  1853-1932

a.  Nilson Jones  1875-

b.  Ernest Jones  1876-1930

c.  Oliver Jones  1879-1943

d.  Miles Jones  1882-1949
Married Mable Weblarbaum  1884-1958

i.  Elsie Jones
Married Lewis Baumen

aa.  Living Baumen

bb.  Living Baumen

cc.  Living Baumen

ii.  Ruby Jones

iii.  Keneth Jones

iv.  Harry Jones
Married Lilly Michals

aa.  Living Jones

v.  Wilson Jones

e.  Harry Jones  1884-

f.  Wilson Jones  1888-
Married Julia Kofron

i.  Mae Jones

ii.  Leonard Jones

g.  Hugh Alexander "Zude" Jones  1891-1952                      Barron, Wisconsin
Married Ruby Cecile Timblin  1893-1994                            Barron, Wisconsin

i.  Gwendolyn Verla Jones  1917-
Married Robert G. Kellermann  1920-2007                        Marion, Ohio

aa.  Judith Ann Kellerman  1945-
Married David McNeal  1944-

(i)  Jennifer Ann McNeal  1971-
Married William Corning  1972-

(a)  Robert Corning  2001-

(b)  Andy Corning  2003-

(ii)  Jonathan Clark McNeal  1974-
Married Heidi McDowell  1974-

bb.  Mary Helen Kellerman  1951-
Married Curtis Galloway  1951-

(i)  Kara Elizabeth Galloway  1974-

(a) Maya Galloway Austin  2004-

(ii) Erica Lynn Galloway  1976-
Married Dean Gardner  1975-

(a) Noah Dean Gardner  2009-

(iii) Benjamin James Galloway  1977-
Married Bobbi Graf  1980-

ii.  Verla Rae Jones  1926-
Married (1) Malcolm Eugene Jensen  ?-1952

aa. Carol Ann Jensen  1950-
Married Michael Houlihan  div.

(i) Erin Cathleen Houlihan  1979-
Married Hunter Kocurek

(ii) Matthew Michael Houlihan  1984-

bb. David Eugene Jensen  1952-
Married Anne Marie Ylitilo

(i) Erika Ann Jensen  1981-
Married Lonnie Klecker  1982-

          (a) Ava Marie Klecker  2010-

(ii) Adam David Jensen  1985-

Married (2) Richard Henry Radtke  1924-

aa. John Henry Radtke  1958-
Married Cynthia Ann Schakelman  1957-

(i) Jessica Rae Radtke  1985-
Married Joshua Matthew Punzel  1981-

iii.  Donna Mae Jones  1927-2011

h.  Ivan George Jones  1896-
Married Winnie O'Neill

2.  Sarah A. Jones  1851-1931                                                           Greensburg, Indiana
Married William A. Hedge  1845-1899

a.  Carl Hedge  1885-1915

b.  Earl W. Hedge

c.  Ray Hedge  ?-1924

d.  Unknown Hedge

3.  Samuel Oliver Jones  1855-1921                                                Richmond, Indiana
Married Laura Alice St. John  1858-1938                                       Anderson, Indiana

a.  Abbiegail Lavina Jones  1880-1959
Married Carl Alexander  1881-1951

b.  Henry Lafayette Jones  1882-1942

c.  Katherine Mae Jones  1884-1975                                 Maryville, Tennessee
Married Arthur E. Springer  1884-1977

d.  Roy Moss Jones  1887-1968                                  Anderson, South Carolina
Married Ella Moriarity  1890-

e.  Fannie Fern Jones  1889-1980                                          Pendleton, Indiana
Married Earl William Boston  1883-1955

4.  William L. Jones, II  1857-1931                                               Greensburg, Indiana
Married Ida Schooley  1869-

a.  Leonard Jones  1880-1916

b.  May Jones  1882-

5.  Philander Jones  1858-1930                                                                     Vinton, Iowa

6.  Hugh Cissaro Jones  1860-

7.  Elza Jones  1862-1880

8.  Thomas Edgar Jones  1867-1945                                                    Denver, Colorado
Married (1) Ella J. Collins  1870-1900

a.  William E. Jones  1892-1940
Married Margaret Unknown

b.  Wilbur Arthur Jones  1894-1962                                    Littleton, Colorado
Married Anna Pulsher  1897-1983                             Flandreau, South Dakota

c.  Stephen Edgar "Ed" Jones  1897-1946                        Ash Grove, Missouri
Married (1) Agnes Mckay Dow  1901-1955     div.
Married (2) Cora Marie Johnson

Married (2) Unknown Wife  ?-1917

E.  Sarah Bradford Jones  1832-1906                                                      Greensburg, Indiana
Married Ralph McGee  1828-1909

1.  John Philip McGee  1851-1920
Married Margaret E. Jeffries  ?-1913

a.  Flora E. McGee  1876-
Married Frank Pulse

b.  Ernest McGee  1880-
Married Mary Wagoner

c.  Wilbur McGee  1882-
Married Ernie Styer

2.  Sarah Jane McGee  1852-
Married LaFayette Lundy  ?-1904

a.  Ida May Lundy  1872-
Married Charles E. Logan

b.  Thomas E. Lundy  1874-
Married Eva Barkley

3.  Mary Elizabeth McGee  1854-
Married Newton Wynkoop

a.  Cora Wynkoop  1875-
Married Ira Moore

b.  Martha Wynkoop  1877-

c.  Gertrude Wynkoop  1880-
Married Walter Boling

4.  William Henry McGee  1856-
Married (1) Mary Alice Kirby  ?-1903

a.  Sarah Estelle McGee  1880-
Married Mose Anderson

b.  Zena Blanch McGee  1882-
Married Frank Sanders

c.  Cortex McGee  1883-
Married Flossie Peck

d.  Henry Harrison McGee  1890-
Married Grace Lanham

e.  Herschel McGee  1892-

f.  Ralph Raymond McGee  1899-

Married (2) Anna R. Lasure

5.  Ralph Theodore McGee  1861-
Married (1) Vina Jones  ?-1887

a.  Roy McGee  1887-
Married Hollie Styers

Married (2) Nora Moberly

6.  Charles LaFayette McGee  1962-
Married Sarah C. Jones

a.  Luna McGee  1880-
Married Bert Kirby

7.  George Martin McGee  1863-
Married Clara Elliott  1867-

a.  Ernia McGee  1889-

8.  James Oscar McGee  1867-
Married Carrie Beard

a.  Mabel Sarah McGee  1894-
Married Albert H. Johnson

b.  Arthur McGee  1895-
Married Verna  Hegg

c.  Ethel McGee  1899-
Charles S. Hamer

d.  Karl McGee  1901-

e.  Floyd Harold McGee  1903-

9.  Martha E. McGee  1869-
Married Edgar Samuels

F.  Philip Tenley Jones  1834-1905                                                                                Indiana
Married Mary Jane Cowen  1834-1894

1.  Harry Clinton Jones

2.  William Jones  1853-
Married Mary A. Smith  1854-

a.  Myrtle Jones  1881-
Married Charles Orme  1883-

b.  Infant Jones

3.  James M. Jones  1854-1908                                                                      Washington

4.  Sarah Jane Jones  1856-1924
Married Charles Whitehead Barbour  1848-

a.  Gertrude Rose Barbour  1878-
Married Walter Parker

b.  Edith Barbour  1879-
Married Robert W. Scarman

c.  Maude Barbour  1880-1881

d.  Tenley Jones Barbour  1882-1884

e.  Roy Barbour  1884-1884

f.  Laura Barbour  1885-1885

g.  Grace Rosell Barbour  1887-
Married Thomas Welch

h.  Mary Elwell Barbour  1888-

i.  Clarence J. Barbour  1894-
Married Etta Unknown

j.  Edna Opal Barbour  1896-

5.  John Philip Jones  1857-
Married Sarah J. Williams  1856-1933

a.  Anna May Jones  1880-1919
Married Benjamin Koplin

b.  Laura Bell Jones  1890-1892

c.  Tenley Philip Jones  1895-1896

d.  Bessie Boll Jones  1895-
Married Marcus Jackson 

6.  Albert Cesar Jones  1861-

7.  George Holman Jones  1863-1894

8.  Laura Bell Jones  1865-1885

Elizabeth Jones

IX.  Elizabeth Jones  1791-

Elizabeth Jones was born on August 16, 1791 in Washington County, Maryland.  She married a Mr. Tomas.

John Jones

X.  John Jones  1794-

John Jones was born on January 27, 1794 in Washington County, Maryland.  There is no more information on him at this time.